Welcome to another installment of "My Watch Story," a video series starring HODINKEE readers and their most prized watches. The submissions continue to stream in, and we couldn't be happier to share them with the watch community. Today, we have five new stories submitted by Max Pinilis and Regan Hakes, Michael Verlatti, George Beebe, Arya Johari, and Henry Alonzo.Replica Watches

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Max Pinilis And Regan Hakes And Their Omega Seamaster Aqua Terras

For New Jersey natives Regan and Max, their Omega Seamaster Aqua Terras are a product of finding creative ways to stay connected during the pandemic. One day, Max decided to create a scavenger hunt by leaving bags of candy with riddles inside around their favorite places in Regan's hometown. The final clue led Regan to a red box, which contained the Omega – a watch that both connects them and serves as a reminder of better days ahead.


Michael Verlatti And His TAG Heuer Link

Michael, who is from Charlotte, North Carolina, bought his first watch, an Armitron, when he started his first corporate job at the age of 21. Throughout his two years of working, he sat next to a young lady – who he ended up dating. During their first Christmas together, she upgraded his Armitron watch to this TAG Heuer Link – and he's worn it almost every day over the past 15 years.


George Beebe And His Benrus Ultra-Deep

George, from San Diego, California, began his watch journey when he was 15. His father took him to a local jeweler, where he ended up getting a Benrus Super Compressor Devil Diver. What made it special for him was its depth capability of 666 ft., the inner bezel operated by a separate crown, and the stainless steel bracelet. Before leaving the shop with the new watch, the jeweler told him, "Hey kid, if you take care of that watch, you'll have it for the rest of your life." Half a century later, those words hold true.

Arya Johari And His Rolex Explorer Ref. 114270

Arya, who is a native of Indonesia, has been a watch collector for a good part of his life, but at one point, the hobby almost jeopardized his wedding. In 2018, just four months before his wedding, he went watch shopping with a friend, and became enamored with a Rolex Explorer in a shop. His friend convinced him that if he didn't buy it, he'd probably lose the opportunity to buy that model ever again. Arya devised a plan to sell his entire watch collection, buy the watch, and recoup his money so he could afford his wedding.Rolex Replica

Henry Alonzo And His Omega Speedmaster

At one point in his life, Los Angeles resident Henry fell on some hard times and had to sell the majority of his watch collection. Luckily, he was able to turn his life around and get back into the hobby he loves so much. After watching A Week On The Wrist on the Omega Speedmaster, Henry knew he wanted to get his own Speedmaster one day. When he ended up buying the watch, it was a full-circle moment for him.